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Thomas at Gen Con 2017: It’s Really Happening

It’s been four years since I’ve been at Gen Con. Time to return.

I’ll be arriving late on Wednesday, so I might be at the DJA, but will probably be getting into the hotel sometime after the award has been handed out. I don’t have a clear favorite in this one, but I’m leaning towards Gloomhaven or Gen Con getting the award this year. Nothing is really jumping out at me as in prior years.


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#RPGaDAY 2017, Day 14: Open-Ended Campaigns

In stark contrast to last year’s yesterday question, #RPGaDAY inquires about an RPG I prefer for open-ended campaign play. That post’s topic is “What Makes a Successful Campaign?” My answer: endings.

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#RPGaDAY 2017, Day 13: Didn’t We Just Do This One?

Today’s #RPGaDAY topic is “describe a game experience that changed how you play”.

I can’t top last year’s post about this slightly-reworded topic, where I talk briefly about five different games. That, or the Most Memorable Character Death topic story that I tell that’s sometimes framed as my “worst GMing moment” story.

So a short one today.
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The Patreon

I have thoughts about the design space in games and must write!

I have worked in the roleplaying and board games industry for over a decade as a graphic designer and layout artist. During the past few years, I have written for online publications where some of my reviews of game products delved into a serious look at the presentation of the object. Reviews, critiques, examinations of how graphic design evolved in a work — these are some of the things I enjoy writing about!

Although I would love to write about layout and graphic design in these spaces, I often find myself unable to justify devoting time for doing so. Patreon provides an incentive to create. You can directly prompt me to do what I love and, at the same time, develop my skill at writing.

I have two goals for this Patreon.

1. Write at least two articles each month about physical design in games.
2. Become a better writer.

When I create articles for the blog, I continually improve my writing; by improving my writing ability, I create more articles for you to read.

There’s a third, secret goal.

3. Write and develop actual game things.

…but I’ve written more about that in the first patron-only post.

I want you to join my journey to become a better writer.

By becoming a patron, you continue to improve my writing while learning about layout and graphic design in RPGs and boardgames. Joining up lets you suggest topics for future writings and adds you to a discussion forum where patrons can tell me what they would like to see come of my work.

It’s simple to become a patron: just click that link or the button below. Your generosity can start at as little as $1 per post (and you can even limit that to as few posts per month as you wish), although higher-level backers get access to one of the rarest things in the world: I’ll high-five you when we meet in person.

Become a Patron!

Some of my patrons

At the $3 tier, I’ll list a link to your work here.

G. Michael Truran is creating a Table-Top Role-Playing Game. Sword, Axe, Spear, & Shield is a low-fantasy table-top role-playing game about Nordic heroes trying to find their way in a changing world.



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