This Just In… From Gen Con (2014)

A thing that didn’t happen this past summer was my (co)hosting of This Just In…From Gen Con. This Just In… is a podcast about the gaming convention, recorded and distributed during the convention. Seven main episodes in all, morning and evening broadcasts most days with just a single show on the final day, where we talk […]


Primetime Adventures: Play In Public

When the Primetime Adventures Kickstarter went live, I said that if it hit $25k, I would write up my guide to running Primetime Adventures at game days and conventions. It hit that mark with three days to spare. So here is the creatively-named Running Primetime Adventures at Game Days and Conventions. (Not-secret code name: Stealing from Jason […]


Current Work: Posthuman Pathways RPG

Client: Genesis of Legend Publishing Project Scope: Graphic design, layout. Project Description: A series of accordion-fold and gate-fold pamphlets that make up the physical play components of a transhuman roleplaying game. The Posthuman Pathways project consists of five legal-sized pamphlets that are used to play the game. The above graphic is pamphlet one: The Long Road. The obverse has an introduction […]

Current Work: Firefly RPG Layout

Client: Margaret Weis Productions Project Scope: Book layout, layout assistance. Project Description: A series of PDF and print books for roleplaying in the setting of the Firefly television series. The Firefly Roleplaying Game project comprises two lines: the game core books and the Echoes of War series of adventures. The core books include the Gen Con (2013) Exclusive, […]