The Duelists, a 7th Sea Card Game

The Duelists, a 7th Sea Card Game

Over at DriveThruRPG, I have a print-and-play game for sale. It’s The Duelists. It’s a 7th Sea card game for two players — each player takes the role of a swashbuckler as they square off in a bout of sport and showmanship. There are two sets, each containing two duelists. Duelist from different sets can be paired against one another. It’s a pretty cool game. It’s fun. It also hasn’t sold that well.

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Shadowrun, Sixth Edition: finally, a cyberpunk game.

A few days ago, Catalyst Game Labs announced Shadowrun’s sixth edition. Looking over the press release for it, the new version seemed to be the same old thing, just newer. Until I read a tweet from Steven “Bull” Ratkovich, which was directed at the “assholes in the back row” who were complaining about diversity, inclusion, and politics in a cyberpunk roleplaying game.

My reaction on twitter:

Wait a sec. Did someone say that game designers should leave the politics out of their cyberpunk roleplaying game?



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