I’m not attending Gen Con this year, so I’ll be celebrating Gen Can’t.

Wednesday Night: The Diana Jones Award. I’ll be at home, keeping an eye on twitter to see who won.

Thursday morning: I’ll be in the exhibit hall (Bullmoose, probably the South Portland location) to see what’s on display.

Thursday evening: A classic sf movie, Blade Runner, is on the big screen! If the wife can make it, we’ll be up watching it!

Friday evening: It’s the ENnies awards! Things I’m up for have been nominated in four categories, but because I’m at home, I’ll be dressed up in the finest pair of jeans I can find. Chill’s quickstart adventure is up for best free product and Urban Shadows is up for best rules, game, and product of the year. Excited!

Friday night: Dungeons & Dragons event R20-EE. We’ll see if I TPK the group.

Saturday: I’m in on a game of Star Wars: Rebellion with the wife. You can join in at our dining room table if you’re in the neighborhood.

Sunday: We’ll be starting to dig out a space to pour a concrete slab in the backyard. I’ll be signing autographs if you stop by.

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