#RPGaDAY 2016, Day 5: Not Gaming at the Gaming Convention

Here’s the thing: When I’ve attended Gen Con, I haven’t gone for the games. Teenage me would be shocked. Teenage me always wanted to attend Gen Con[1], but I never made it out there. Four days of gaming goodness and I, at most, play three different games.

So these last times — and I’m not counting the time I was doing booth duty for a Mayfair Games offshoot project — what do you do at a gaming convention when you’re not gaming?

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  1. Lake Geneva was just a three hour drive away! []

#RPGaDAY 2016, Day 4: Future Convention Plans

In the past #RPGaDAY events, the four days of Gen Con had questions that revolved around game conventions. This year, there aren’t any. So for the next four days, I’ll be covering topics about gaming conventions. The one “official” prompt I’m interested in pursuing from this time frame will show up on the 8th.

Today, in question form: What are your plans for conventions in the future?

While I enjoy Gen Con, I don’t see me attending again unless I’m there as part of a company. It’s grown too large for me to handle. Last year on Day 14, where the topic was “Should I attend Gen Con?”, I wrote a bit about an episode of Ken Hite and Robin Laws’ podcast discussing that convention. The takeaway line from that was Ken saying, “I hate to say it, because Gen Con used to be great one-stop shopping for freelancers… I would find it amazing if a freelancer was able to get two words of quality time, edgewise, with a busy booth owner.

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My GEN CON 2016 schedule

I’m not attending Gen Con this year, so I’ll be celebrating Gen Can’t.

Wednesday Night: The Diana Jones Award. I’ll be at home, keeping an eye on twitter to see who won.

Thursday morning: I’ll be in the exhibit hall (Bullmoose, probably the South Portland location) to see what’s on display.

Thursday evening: A classic sf movie, Blade Runner, is on the big screen! If the wife can make it, we’ll be up watching it!

Friday evening: It’s the ENnies awards! Things I’m up for have been nominated in four categories, but because I’m at home, I’ll be dressed up in the finest pair of jeans I can find. Chill’s quickstart adventure is up for best free product and Urban Shadows is up for best rules, game, and product of the year. Excited!

Friday night: Dungeons & Dragons event R20-EE. We’ll see if I TPK the group.

Saturday: I’m in on a game of Star Wars: Rebellion with the wife. You can join in at our dining room table if you’re in the neighborhood.

Sunday: We’ll be starting to dig out a space to pour a concrete slab in the backyard. I’ll be signing autographs if you stop by.