#RPGaDAY 2016, Day 12: The Next Game

The actual title of today’s prompt is “What game is your group most likely to play next?” That question makes a few assumptions, the foremost being that one plays in a single group.

Take a look at Rich Rogers. Inferring from his posts about gaming and invitations to game (or watch one being streamed), I don’t think he actually has a game group, just a whole bunch of gamer friends that come together to play stuff for a few sessions and then back to the pool. Or if he does have a game group, he has at least three, each with a revolving cast, maybe some regulars in each. (Rich, don’t tell me. I want to believe you live in a magical wonderland of gaming and one day you’ll open a retirement home for all us gamers who can mix and mingle and play throughout our golden years.)

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#RPGaDAY 2016, Day 1: Why do this thing?

It’s the third year of #RPGaDAY, a thing where there’s a roleplaying game-based question a day that’s there for people who enjoy those games to share their thoughts and memories about the hobby. I did the first year on my Google+ account and last year I joined in the fun here at denaghdesign.com[1]. But I had a secret goal. I would have a good thirty minutes of writing time and use RPGaDAY to revitalize my blog. Also, the event would help to get me back into creative writing.

I had a total of two blog posts since then.[2]


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  1. and revisiting my first year’s questions []
  2. I’d link to them, but you can just use the previous post button right there. []

Using InDesign’s Paragraph Shading and Rules to create ICONS NPC cards

Over the weekend, I sat down with the family and we played ICONS from Steve Kenson’s Ad Infinitum Adventures. We rolled up some characters (and wound up having the girl create her hero using the point-buy system). Within a half hour, the Guardian and the Wanderer took to the streets of Starfall City and quickly got in over their heads.

That evening I had difficulty sleeping, so I spent a little bit of time creating index cards for the NPCs, trying to mock up something that fits the layout of ­the game. I managed to develop the card with boxes for stats and indents, primarily using paragraph shading in InDesign CC 2015.3.

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