#RPGaDAY2015, Day 11: Favorite RPG Writer

Regarding a Favorite RPG Writer, I don't really pay much attention to that, or at least as much as others do. See, I do graphic design and book layout and I've always equated it to a letterer's job in comic books: if you do it right, nobody notices. And because I work behind the scenes (although usually coming in at the end of a project), I see a lot going on in creating one of those big RPG books. Sections are written by different people and have to be rewritten to have a book's "voice": chapters three and seven have to sound like they're written by the same people, even if the two writers have never met. There's the project manager and the editors and proofreaders keeping all this straight. They're also the invisible hands on a project. They do a good job and you don't notice. This process subtly changes the output of the writing. Bob's contributions on the Big...
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#RPGaDAY, Last Year: Day 11 – Weirdest RPG Owned

Weirdest RPG owned is today, last year’s #RPGaDay topic. Okay then, let’s talk John Wick’s Thirty. Note: I’m going to spoil the ending to that game. Stop reading and experience the magic firsthand. I’ve never really picked up any of John’s big games: 7th Sea, Legend of the Five Rings, or even Houses of the Blooded. Everything I have of Wick’s has been his little games. Thirty is the closest thing to one of his big games, but it’s not. It says so in the name, which truthfully is Thirty: A Little Game about a Big Secret. It’s also not one of his little games, either. This is a full on campaign that’s guided from point A to point B all the way to point L. No deviations, sir. And you can’t play it over the internet. You have to play it at someone’s house at a table where you can look each other in the eye and hear each other breathe. This is a game...
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