The BattleTech DMG: Really? Well, okay then.

Based on the feedback I’ve received over the past 48 hours, I think it may be time to move the BattleTech Deckbuilding ‘Mechfighting Game from graphic design project to actual game design project. Like every third member of BoardGameGeek, I fancy myself a game designer — I even have a designer page on the Geek based on my 24 Hour RPG stuff — and, as part of the DMG graphic design project, I somewhat designed the game. So why not take that to the next level? Especially with people threatening to pick me up and carry me to the Catalyst Game Labs booth at GenCon?

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The BattleTech Deckbuilding ‘Mechfighting Game

The BattleTech deckbuilding/deckfighting project came from a Twitter conversation between Daniel Perez (Highmoon Media) and Philip J. Reed (Steve Jackson Games), which was taken over to Daniel’s blog. Daniel writes,”I’d like to see the idea of deckbuilding combined with deckfighting. I mentioned it to Phil in relation to what form a BattleTech deckbuilding game would take, and he said that it might get too long, like two games in one. He’s right, considering how long a game of Dominion took to play, but I can’t shake the idea that it would be a good combination.” That’s been a thought in the back of my mind for a while now, and, wanting to expand the portfolio a bit, I decided to take on the idea of developing this type of game into a design project.

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Here is a terrible idea.

Actually, here is a terrible idea, a blog about gaming. It is run by people that I should know (and probably do, with all the different ways to meet people without actually physically meeting them that you used to have to do back in, oh, the 1980s to actually meet people). There are a few things that motivated me to start working, and Duane’s a terrible grant is one of them.

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