Thoughts on the first year of

Oh, I have excuses. One of my freelancing jobs turned into a regular, staff position, which ate away at my freelancing time. My little girl went from toddler to kid. (I still don’t want to admit that.) The non-profit organization I head eats up a lot of my free time; the other non-profit took up time. We keep having people come and visit. Gaming nights. Friends. Family.

Oh, I have excuses.
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Working the show

Not to sound like free advertising for the GAMA Trade Show, but man was that a great show. I have heard from more than one person that GTS this year had a higher pro vibe than in past years. With such crowded shows as in yesteryear, the manufacturers, developers, and distributors didn’t have much time to spend with store buyers. This year, there was a lot of talk between the exhibitors and attendees and business got done. This worked out very well for a graphic designer like myself, trying to make inroads into the industry.

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So far, so GAMA…

Two important lessons about having business cards at trade shows/conventions. The first one is obvious: always have them on hand. Always have some, even when attending a social activity when that activity precludes handing them out, such as skydiving. If you leave them behind, you will encounter someone that could be a good contact just as you achieve terminal velocity.

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