The Duelists, a 7th Sea Card Game

The Duelists, a 7th Sea Card Game

Over at DriveThruRPG, I have a print-and-play game for sale. It’s The Duelists. It’s a 7th Sea card game for two players — each player takes the role of a swashbuckler as they square off in a bout of sport and showmanship. There are two sets, each containing two duelists. Duelist from different sets can be paired against one another. It’s a pretty cool game. It’s fun. It also hasn’t sold that well.

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PAX Unplugged: How Was It?

Went to PAX Unplugged. Came home. Ate a turkey. Thought about the show.

It was odd. Thousands of people showed up for the show and it seems to have been a success. But there were some strange things that don’t seem to be similar to other gaming conventions. As an exhibitor, I found the convention to be strange. As a gamer, I thought it was fun. As a professional attempting to network, I thought it was fantastic.

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Thomas Was At Gen Con 2017: It Really Happened

Back from Gen Con and it was amazing. I’ve been to the show a few times before, mainly as a way to network — which is nearly impossible at the show for people new to the industry — and as part of a company. Now that I have several works published (and was there as a part of a company’s booth staff), network is so much easier.

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