So far, so GAMA…

Two important lessons about having business cards at trade shows/conventions. The first one is obvious: always have them on hand. Always have some, even when attending a social activity when that activity precludes handing them out, such as skydiving. If you leave them behind, you will encounter someone that could be a good contact just as you achieve terminal velocity.

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Prepwork for GTS: The Cold Approach

“I’m really not comfortable with the cold approach,” I said to her as we walked from tent to tent at the Tucson Festival of Books. The last half hour had been a series of approaching prospective clients, chatting for a few minutes, and trading business cards. It’s a bit awkward to head up to a complete stranger and ask them for a job. She responded, “But if you don’t do it, you won’t get your name out there.”

I looked over at a booth I passed up. Their book jacket design, their advertisements were on display. “I can help these guys,” I thought.


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Serendipity and The Tucson Festival of Books

Serendipity is good fortune in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries. Like my friend suggesting we all go to The Tucson Festival of Books just as I’m preparing for a networking conference with a goal to work with book layout. The timing on this, and all the other little things one needs to do when starting a business, is falling together perfectly.

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