I put together a sample deck and ran through it once with the wife. The gameplay feels right, but the cards need to be adjusted to make it seem like an actual game. I’ve made a few changes, mainly reducing the number of different cards and increasing the amount of the cards that remain in the game, adjusting the costs and the benefits of some cards, and adding heat to the game. Fire that Heavy PPC? Generate 3 Heat. The more heat your ‘Mech builds up, the smaller your hand size. Start discarding cards to remove heat. Too much heat? You’re a sitting duck.

I’ll have a quick playtest again on Monday and get some nicer cards printed up on Tuesday, then I’ll hopefully see you in Indianapolis on Wednesday!

Update to the update: Printed out new test cards and ran a quick two-player game with the wife again. Much better than the first playtest. The Heat mechanic worked out well. I think this may scale up to a four-player game, but I’ll probably only have the two-player version ready for my GenCon demo. Nice!

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