Tuesday, August 13
Hey, I’ll be arriving around seven in the evening! Contact me if you want to meet up!

Wednesday, August 14
9 PM: The Diana Jones Award ceremony/party

Thursday, August 15
Exhibit Hall Hours: Generally, I’ll be in The Bob & Angus booth in the Mayfair Games area.
I’m working with Pulp Gamer this convention, which is providing video support for Mayfair Games, which leads me to the first big thing:

6 PM: Mayfair Games Block Party
A free event open to the public on Georgia Street (where the food trucks are). You’ll probably see me in either a red and black Pulp Gamer shirt or a blue Mayfair Games shirt. Either way, I’ll be lugging a camera around on my shoulder, filming you!

Friday, August 16
Exhibit Hall Hours: The Bob & Angus Show booth in the Mayfair Games area in the morning, then again in the last two hours.
Drop by and chat! Or stare and point.

7 PM: Running a game at ICC 112
I’ll be running a RPG (Star Wars) over in ICC 122. This will be the first time I’ve actually run a game at Gen Con, which is strange — Back when I was in Arizona, I’d be running convention games and game day sessions all the time. This will be my fourth Gen Con, the first I’ve actually run a game.

Saturday, August 17
Exhibit Hall Hours: The Bob & Angus Show booth in the Mayfair Games area until about two, then back again for the close of the hall. I’ll probably still be in the hall after hours, but most likely I’ll be back in the room, prepping for Sunday’s event.

Sunday, August 18
All day: Catan North American Championship, Mayfair Games closing ceremonies.
I’ll be providing graphics support to the live broadcast of the CNAC pretty much all day today, then somewhere in the Mayfair Games area for Mayfair’s closing ceremonies.

Monday, August 18
I’ll be bidding Indianapolis a fond farewell around midday.

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