Client: Alderac Entertainment Group

Project Scope: Card design and layout.

Project Description: A deck-building game set in a world of darkness. Creatures of the night and shadowy human organizations do battle to control the night.

For this project, I was brought on board to help develop the game card front.

In the game, players collect and use the cards as forces to battle. The icons in the top left corner are part of the chaining system: playing a subsequent card that matches one of the earlier card’s follow colors. (Example: In the above graphic, both cards’ large icon in the upper left are red and both have follow colors of blue and green. A card with a large blue or green icon could be played after playing the Lora von Ipsum card.) Earlier versions of the game had the people and creatures on the cards be from various continents or countries. Here, red was England or Europe, blue was Africa, and so on. During my time on the project, the icons given to me for use were placeholders; a list of finalized countries was to come. In the final version of the game, the country/continent concept isn’t present: the final cards are simply color coded.

Along the side of the Lora von Ipsum card are red damage marks. When the creature on the card is damaged, the card is rotated. The number of marks on the top side of the card is the current health of the card. Lora has an odd number of marks on her border to illustrate how they would look on all edges. Certain cards were action cards that didn’t represent characters (the Lord von Ipsum one). The two types of cards had different colored backgrounds with different textures and treatment for color-blind players. (Incidentally, this was another reason for different color icons in the upper left corner.)


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