Samples of layout projects

vs. games project. A series of z-fold pamphlets printed in color. Game design, graphic design, layout, pdf conversion. (denaghdesign)

7th Sea, second edition. Several books and accessories for the line. Created trade dress for the main Théah line and the upcoming Khitai line, various game-related merchandise. (John Wick Presents/Chaosium)

Unknown Armies, third edition. Created trade dress for the line, laid out first five books in the series, GM screen. (Atlas Games)

Over the Edge, third edition. Created trade dress for the line, laid out core rulebook and first supplement. (Atlas Games)

Feng Shui 2, various adventures. Layout, creation of modular fight templates. (Atlas Games)

Coriolis: The Last Cyclade, English version. Layout. (Fria Lagan/Free League Publishing)

Dishonored Roleplaying Game. Layout template; box, cards, and dice design; supplemental add-on material. (Modiphius)

Chill, third edition. Layout, trade dress. Core rulebook, three supplements, packaging and various exclusives. (Growling Door Games)

Masks: A New Generation, phone pdf edition. Layout, digital illustration, navigation. (Magpie Games)

Cartel, ashcan edition. Layout, digital illustration. (Magpie Games)