#RPGaDAY 2016, Day 16: Keeping Track of NPCs

Another question from Tracy Barnett, “How do you prefer to keep track of your game’s NPCs and characters?”

When I’m in a face-to-face game, I use index cards (which should be on sale right now at the beginning of the school year), but I used to use a binder. For online games, I use a word document.

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#RPGaDAY 2016, Day 15: Player-Driven Gaming

Well, it has been quite a bit of time since I’ve been able to write about #RPGaDAY. Truthfully, I was busy laying out roleplaying game books and other miscellany. One of these projects was Unknown Armies, which has a group setting and character creation section that’s really fun, which leads into this day’s question about the role of a GM in your games.

I started gaming in the 1980’s. Back then, the way to play roleplaying games was you players were just that: playing in the GM’s story. The person making up the game world and the story was a Dungeon Master or a Game Master. That guy was never referred to as a “player”. Most games didn’t allow for any player to affect the world except for reacting.

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#RPGaDAY 2016, Day 14: Rituals at the Game Table

Earlier this month, we looked at food and gaming. What part, if any, did communal meals have with your gaming group? For the old Shadowrun group, we gathered together to share meals with each other. Which got me to thinking about the other rituals we do when gaming.

Our home group in Arizona gathered in the evening, midweek. We’d catch up and chat with each other and then by 7:30, we’d have what we called Go/No Go. If we wanted to play the game, we’d jump in at that time. If we wanted to keep chatting, we’d shelve the game for the week and just keep having fun.

But if we go on, we enter our transition space.

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