What is “Graphic Design and Layout”, anyway?

The business card reads graphic and layout design. The business title is freelance creative designer. But what does that mean?

I take your words and art and make it into books, packaging, advertisements, and more! I have developed card and board game elements for game companies both large and small. My focus in the hobby games industry has been on graphic design and layout for games: game boards, cards, and punchboards; book layout: rule books, catalogs, magazines; and advertising: brochures, banner ads, Kickstarter campaign graphics.

My current bio

Thomas Deeny (@denaghdesign) is a graphic designer who specializes in book layout and game design. His layout work can be found in roleplaying games like John Wick Presents’ 7th Sea, Atlas Games’ Unknown Armies, Magpie Games’ Urban Shadows, and Growling Door Game’s Chill. His work on boardgames include WIBAI’s Pathogenesis; AEG’s Dominare, Mercante, and Nightfall; and Tasty Minstrel Games’ Cthulhu Realms. He lives in a house in the middle of a spooky forest at the edge of civilization.

Contact Thomas

If there are opportunities for freelance work within your company, please contact me below.