I’ve updated the series guides and the Play in Public guidelines for one of my favorite roleplaying games, Primetime Adventures.

The new version of Running Primetime Adventures at Game Days and Conventions has a few clarifications including a section about the Audience Participation rules in the game’s third edition.

The newer version of the MCU: Gotham series kit — the “cops in Batman’s Gotham City” game — adds Impulses (a new element in the third edition of the game) to the cast members and a handful of new Criminals, including the Royal Flush Gang (and how they cheat when playing PTA).

The updated version of the Zurvivor series franchise kit — multiple series of shows set during a zombie apocalypse — adds Impulses to the Omega cast members. Also included is Outcasts, the newest show in the franchise. Outcasts doesn’t come with a suggested list of protagonists. Rather, it uses a technique that Jason Corley introduced, giving players lists of suggested Edges, Connections, and Personal Sets to suggest the tone of the show. (Much like how a game like Apocalypse World doesn’t have an actual setting but suggests a setting using each playbook’s Look section.)


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