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vsM Engine

In 2019, I launched a Kickstarter campaign with four small roleplaying games based on the vsM Engine, developed from Phil Reed’s vs. Monsters. The micro-roleplaying games are ready for a few hours of gaming and are easily expandable to an extended campaign. Each one offers a quick setup to get you into a fast-moving game with very little to no prep time. All you need are 2-5 players, a few decks of standard playing cards, pencils and paper, and an afternoon.


It is a time of civil war in vs. EMPIRE. Become a new force of hope in the galaxy as your rebellion strikes back against a tyrannical empire. Outnumbered by the menace of the Galactic Empire, rebels fight for a return of freedom to oppressed people everywhere. You are a hero. You are the Rebellion! 

Yes, you can play a space wizard with a laser sword.

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vs. MARS

Strange things are afoot in your sleepy little town: odd lights in the sky, something unnatural is moving the woods, and the phones have gone out. In vs. MARS, you and your friends are in a small town during an alien invasion. With a half-dozen different invaders to choose from and several stock locations to take refuge in, you might find that other survivors might be the more pressing threat…

It’s no longer an invasion: now it’s war. Up the stakes in vs. MARS with the included vs. ALIEN OVERLORDS expansion. Fight in the cities against the aliens, lead the insurgency on occupied Earth, or take the fight back to the red planet!

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You’re a Citizen of the MegaCity in this cyberpunk game. It’s 20 minutes into the future and the world is a dangerous place. Slap some chrome on, hack the Network, and fight the Man. vs. MIRRORSHADES contains a wealth of locations and opposition forces, plus rules for hacking a global network from your living room in a tight little package.

vs. MIRRORSHADES comes with vs. MAGICSHADES. Add fantasy races and magic to the MegaCity with this expansion. Elf and Ork, Dwarf and Troll! Spell casters and spirit summoners!

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Set in the Caribbean of our childhood memories, villainous pirates sail the seas. Captain a crew of pirates or defend the good people of Port Victoria from them. Fly your own colors or declare allegiance to one of the Great Powers. vs. PIRATES contains rules for naval combat, a simple generator for towns and targets in the islands, and great feats of derring-do.

I wanted to run a mashup of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and Pirates of the Caribbean for the home group but we went with something else. The vs. DAVY JONES expansion that comes with vs. PIRATES creates that game – the Age of Piracy where all the legends are true. Cursed ships and treasure! Unearthly monsters and villains!

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MegaCity Magic

Add magical fantasy elements to your cyberpunk game!

A supplement for the Genesys RPG System, MegaCity Magic is compatible with Shadow of the Beanstalk’s Android setting. Included in the 38-page pdf are rules for creating characters, adding an astral realm to a futuristic setting, and magical threats and adversaries.

Seven heritages slot with three transhuman approaches. Eleven new careers for a mystical future. Summoning rules that emulate the feel of the most popular cyberpunk fantasy roleplaying game. Dragons! Hive spirits! Vampires! Plus classic cyberpunk setting items, like Molly Millions’ fingernailz!

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The Duelists

The Duelists is a fast-playing card game for two players. Set in the world of 7th Sea, two Duelists face off for a contest of showmanship, sport, and swashbuckling. Any two Duelists from any set can be matched up against each other.

“Lady” Josephine ­d’Ruelles vs. Tàhmas O’Denagh

The Duelists: Set 1 features â€œLady” ­Josephine ­d’Ruelles, a thief savvy opportunist from the streets of Montaigne, sparring with Tàhmas O’Denagh, a modern embodiment of a historical Avalonian Knight from Inismore.

Josephine is a trickster who likes to use her opponent’s tactics against them. Tàhmas is an aggressive duelist using his Knightly glamours to outlast his opponent.

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Ainsley NicBeth vs. Giovanni Lucignolo

The Duelists: Set 2 features Ainsley NicBeth, the strongest warrior in all the Highland Marches, sparring with Giovanni Lucignolo, a Vodacce lover of wine, women, and men.

Ainsley is an unstoppable force that seems to get stronger the angrier she gets. Giovanni is a fast-moving duelist that denies his opponent’s attacks.

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Captain Efka Roberts vs. Azuceña Esquivel

If either Set 1 or Set 2 attains Copper best-seller status — which only requires 50 copies to be sold — I’ll finish up Set 3.

The Duelists: Set 3 features Captain Efka Roberts, a brash pirate from the Republic of Pirates, sparring with Azuceña Esquivel, a Castillian spy and assassin.

Captain Roberts has several aggressive attacks with his pistols that are removed from play, once used — although watch out for his backup plans which can add them back into play. Azuceña keeps her options open when dueling, searching for the perfect moment to strike — with patience, she can set up a combination attack using an último ability as a devastating finishing move.