#RPGaDAY2015, Day 5: Most Recent RPG Purchase

See? I was going to answer this at the bottom of the Last Year, Day 4 post, but the question is asked again this year as its own topic. So, what was the last RPG I purchased? Oh, man, what was the last roleplaying game I purchased? Geez. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I haven't really been playing RPGs, and those that I have been playing are older games. If I go with the most recent accessory, oddly, it would be a set of dice to play FFG's Age of Rebellion! I picked those up about two weeks ago, because I really like the boost/setback dice concept. ((Plus I was going to borrow that for a homebrew superhero game to play with the girl.)) It's crazy innovative and a great way for GMs to quickly come up with plausible rulings in the game. Shooting a blaster at a bad guy that's tussling with one of your friends? Crap, I don't know...
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#RPGaDAY, Last Year: Day 4 – Most Recent RPG Purchase

Finally! Done with the reposts of first games I've played/run/purchased. On to new stuff! Let's see what the most recent RPG I purchased was last year, then let's dig into this year! #RPGaDAY, Last Year: Day 4: What was the most recent roleplaying game you purchased? That’s Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars: Age of Rebellion from their incredibly profitable line of Star Wars roleplaying games. While I’m tempted to take this time to write about Star Wars’ lineage in gaming ((Did you know that West End Games made up quite a bit of Star Wars’ non-movie lore in an era when there were just three movies, Splinter in the Mind’s Eye, and the Han Solo/Corporate Sector trilogy to draw from?)), or how FFG has really monetized the Star Wars line. ((Three separate game lines based on the focus of stories you wanted to tell and selling beta versions and “beginner boxes” for $30? All of which are well worth it, for production value...
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