#RPGaDAY2015, Day 9: A Licensed RPG

Today's #RPGaDAY2015 topic has the clunky title Favorite Media You Wish Was an RPG, which really translates to "What thing would you like to have licensed as an RPG?" I sort of answered this last year on day sixteen ((Day 16 was "Game you wish you owned.")) when I went with Crimson Skies. However, recently I've been really wanting something set in Cherie Priest's Clockwork Century novels. I initially resisted getting into the author's works, primarily because the geekerati ((You know, the geek media celebrities with their insulting "Hey nerds!" calls to action.)) were heavily pushing the first book, Boneshaker, and it seemed like you had to read it. It's the hip new thing our nerdy alt-culture embraced! I wound up holding off a year before reading it and man, was I wrong. It was good. Strangely good. See, when I exhibited at San Diego Comic Con back in 2004, it seemed like zombies were over. There were plenty of zombie things...
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