Using InDesign’s Paragraph Shading and Rules to create ICONS NPC cards

Over the weekend, I sat down with the family and we played ICONS from Steve Kenson’s Ad Infinitum Adventures. We rolled up some characters (and wound up having the girl create her hero using the point-buy system). Within a half hour, the Guardian and the Wanderer took to the streets of Starfall City and quickly got in over their heads.

That evening I had difficulty sleeping, so I spent a little bit of time creating index cards for the NPCs, trying to mock up something that fits the layout of ­the game. I managed to develop the card with boxes for stats and indents, primarily using paragraph shading in InDesign CC 2015.3.

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Primetime Adventures: Play In Public

Primetime Adventures: Play In Public

When the Primetime Adventures Kickstarter went live, I said that if it hit $25k, I would write up my guide to running Primetime Adventures at game days and conventions.

It hit that mark with three days to spare.

So here is the creatively-named Running Primetime Adventures at Game Days and Conventions. (Not-secret code name: Stealing from Jason Corley).

Once it hit that mark, I said I would write up a fully-developed series kit (as described in this backer update) based on MCU: Gotham, my police procedural in Batman’s Gotham City show, if the kickstarter hit 900 backers. It did that shortly afterwards, so I owe you guys that, too. here it is: PTA Series Kit: MCU: Gotham

Then I said if the kickstarter hits 950 backers, I would do up one for something in the Zurvivor setting, which spawned three actual shows (Zurvivor, about a reality tv show set on Zombie Island; COPZ, a COPS-like show during the outbreak on the mainland; and Safety in Numbers, set a bit later in the quarantine zone). It did that today. So I’ll be doing that, too. Done! See below! (The full series kit might be is for Omega, the possible fourth show in the franchise, which is described on RPGnet in this message thread about creating characters.)

Oh, and I have nothing to do with the Primetime Adventures Kickstarter, aside from being a fan and a backer. I just love the game. It’s my favorite role-playing game.

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Updated: There’s a new version of the document with an errant apostrophe wrangled back into place and a few word choice edits. It “informs a lot of information”? Kids, don’t edit your own work.