Over the past few years, I have worked on a wide variety of projects. Here, I provide a closer look at some of the products I have developed.

7th Sea: Heroes & Villains, John Wick Presents. Published 2016.
Book and card layout, graphic design.

dh-case-studyDemon Hunters, Dead Gentlemen. Published 2015, 2016.
Book layout, graphic design.

Firefly, Margaret Weis Productions. Published 2013, 2014.
Book layout

Posthuman Pathways, Genesis of Legend Publishing. Published 2014.
Layout, graphic design

The Fate Codex, Magpie Games. Published 2014-2016.
Layout, graphic design, trade dress.

nightfall-featureNightfall, Alderac Entertainment Group. Published 2011.
Card design and layout.

mistborn-featureMistborn Adventure Game, Crafty Games. Published 2012.
Book layout.

mercante-featureMercante, Alderac Entertainment Group. Published 2012.
Player boards, punchboards for tokens, token design.