#RPGaDAY 2016, Day 9: What is your favorite magic/hi-tech item in a tabletop rpg?

Ah, another question from Tracy Barnett! What’s my favorite magic or high-tech item in a roleplaying game? My twitter answer: The Wand of Wonder. Point it at a target and who knows what’s going to happen? Maybe you’ll cast a fireball. Maybe you shoot a lightning bold from the wand. Maybe six hundred large butterflies pour forth from and flutter around, blinding everybody.

Let’s roll and find out! 88? Okay then! 10-40 gems of 1 gp base value shoot forth in a 3″ long stream ((Something like 30 feet in game terms.)), each causing 1 hp of damage to any creature in path — roll 5d4 for number of hits.

It should be pointed out that I did have a character with a wand of wonder. It was a grommam (an orangutan-like race from Spelljammer) with Boots of Striding and Springing. Battle cry: “Eat randomness!”

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#RPGaDAY 2016, Day 8: What aspect of RPGs has had the biggest effect on you?

For the past four days, I’ve been writing about conventions, as the first two years’ worth of #RPGaDAY entries were all about convention things when Gen Con was going on. I’m not certain why that was changed for this year, but with my overall lack of enthusiasm for the question prompts ((There are only nine of the thirty-one that I am interested in reviewing.)) I thought it wouldn’t matter. But there’s one that was interesting in there. You’ve seen this on other people’s blogs and social media accounts three days ago.

What aspect of RPGs has had the biggest effect on you?

I. Love. Maps.

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#RPGaDAY 2016, Day 6: What am I missing at Gen Con this year?

There’s a lot going on with the Gen Con experience. I am home, not attending this year, and I miss the show. I miss the experience.

Back in 2014, I almost went to Gen Con with my friends Ron and Vern as a revival of This Just In From Gen Con with the blessings ((There’s a pun there.)) of the TJI stakeholders. But things out of our control happened and, well. There it lies.

However, my goal with that year’s TJI would have been to bring the experience of the convention to the listeners. That list of experiences is a good place to start.

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