Well, well, well. This has been a curious exercise. Worked on a design problem for a little while, did up some basic rules for a fictional game, heeded the call and clamor for a real game based on the graphic design, and here we are, just about a week and a half later. I’ve got a date with the IP holders for this project, a proof of concept proto-game (ur-game?) to show off, and la de da, my dance card at GenCon is filling up. Want to see the contact sheet for the cards? Sure you do!

Wow. There is some really nice official (and unofficial) BattleTech artwork out there. I love the green one I’m using for the Autocannon card. I couldn’t find anything for the Targeting Solution card, so I would up using the other half of the artwork on the Air Support card, because it’s so beautiful.

Anyway, here’s where it is so far. I’m getting the deck printed today. If you are up in GenConLand and want to sample the DMG, just grab me.

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  • I posted something a short while ago on an older entry about this idea inquiring about its status. Please, if you need any playtesters, let us know. We have a local game store (Six Feet Under Games) who, along with myself, would be interested in this game. You can contact at the email supplied or on BGG. BGG Username is btrhoads.

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