On Character Sheets

The job of a graphic designer is not to make things look pretty; it is to communicate information. Today, we were talking about character sheets in roleplaying games on Twitter, specifically the Vampire: the Masquerade sheet. Daniel writes that his biggest issue with that sheet “is the lack of emphasis on the core theme of Humanity vs Beast”. A look at the sheet he was talking about not only illustrates his issue, but also illustrates a fatal flaw in the character sheet: there is no hierarchy of information. Nothing on the sheet tells you what is important for the game: everything on the sheet has the same weight or visual density and becomes a wall of nothing. (The wall of nothing would be especially troublesome when that sheet has information added to it by the player.)
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Thoughts on the first year of denaghdesign.com

Oh, I have excuses. One of my freelancing jobs turned into a regular, staff position, which ate away at my freelancing time. My little girl went from toddler to kid. (I still don’t want to admit that.) The non-profit organization I head eats up a lot of my free time; the other non-profit took up time. We keep having people come and visit. Gaming nights. Friends. Family.

Oh, I have excuses.
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