The #RPGaDAY prompt for the 18th was “Which RPG have you played the most in your life?”

While I spent the majority of my teenage years playing D&D and part of my college years playing that game, my late college age group started playing Shadowrun and that’s been my go-to big game ever since. But if we use a different metric, where we look at which game I’ve played with the most number of people, that would be Primetime Adventures. I’ve run that at game days, conventions, and dropped it into my regular game from time to time.

Huh. That was a short one.

Previously on #RPGaDAY…

Last year, we did an overview on using relationship maps. I don’t use them in my current long campaign, but probably would in the next thing we run.

In 2015, the topic was “Favorite SF RPG”.

In 2014, the topic was “Favorite Game System”.

Both remain Apocalypse World.


  • Jeff

    Still remember those D&D sessions in college. I remember one particular occasion when Jay’s (IIRC) character got replaced by a doppelganger and played with us for a while. It had us totally fooled. Though I haven’t played 2nd edition since those days, I miss a lot of what it offered (aside from the THAC0 calculations)

  • Thomas

    Oh, I remember that! I think it was Craig who ran a paladin for a few game sessions, then got bored with that and wanted to play something else, so we swapped his character out for a doppelganger. Crazy stuff!

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