A note about this one from last year. When I listed the entry for Most Complicated RPG Owned, it included the image below. I instantly started getting texts from my mom asking what the hell I was thinking publishing a government ID card online and what a security risk that was. Seriously. It’s a fake ID for The Morrow Project. It’s also dated 1981.


Anyway, Most Complicated RPG Owned.

Did I mention I still have a copy of Twilight: 2000?

If you’ve filed your own taxes, you’re good to go to make a T2k character.

But if we’re going to include PDF versions of games, I’ll go with the third edition of The Morrow Project, which is the Schedule A to Twilight: 2000’s 1040EZ.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, I can hear you say. There is no PDF of the 3rd Edition!

Yeah, well, that’s where it’s storytime, gang.

Way back in the beforetimes, the guy who currently owns (or has the license to) TMP, contacted me about laying out 4th edition. This was years before the Kickstarter, which I just now discovered actually happened and PDFs were created for the book. I started working on the project, but there were some issues and the project stalled out. I’m not certain what exactly happened, but it seemed like The Morrow Project wasn’t going to be. Years later, he went ahead and did the KS, but I didn’t hear from him at that point (and only now have discovered that the KS actually happened). ((Although I do recall hearing about it, but assumed it was cancelled. I remember something about the guy running the project not wanting to do PDFs, but that was about it. The KS page has PDFs as a backer reward.  ))

Anyway, I think I still have those files as reference.

I’ve never played TMP, but I have played Aftermath, which I always confuse with it. Similar post-apocalyptic fare, similar 80s style of “realism” with acronyms and math and more math and even more math. Aftermath has come up recently in different twitter conversations; each time I mention how in that game you’re doing a lot of math, so it should really be called Currentmath.

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