Best Second-Hand RPG Purchase. 

Which used gamething was my best purchase? You know, I can’t think of a damn thing. Maybe some Shadowrun sourcebook or adventure, like… Yeah. Universal Brotherhood/Missing Blood, maybe. Did I pick that up on eBay or at a Half Price Books? I can’t remember. Most everything I currently have that’s recent is new; the older stuff, who knows where I got it from? The only items I own that I can truly recall as getting second-hand are some (but not all) of the Buffy: the Vampire Slayer books, my copy of Twilight: 2000 (second edition, I have a first edition still in the box), and all of my Chill (Mayfair edition) sourcebooks. Some of those Shadowrun, 2nd Edition books had to have come from HPB. The adventures, at least.

You know, I think I’ll go with a copy of West End Games’ Air Cav, which is a stack of counters wargame I picked up two weeks ago from our local recycling center’s “free stuff” barn. Inside the box was about thirty random dice, including several non-d6s. I can always use more dice.

Pile of Dice

Did you get anything cooler in the past year, Thomas?

You know, I still haven’t played Air Cav and the dice are, you know.


Um, yeah.

Second-hand. Huh.

I still got nothin’.

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