Readers, I need your help.

Today’s question is “What’s your favorite RPG podcast?” Thing is, I don’t listen to RPG podcasts. I stopped listening a while back—I’d usually queue them up for trips and listen as I drive—but we haven’t taken long drives with just me and the wife in the past few years. I would sometimes listen when commuting in to the PR agency or to the university, but now my work commute to work is “go down the stairs, ’round through the kitchen, and to the office.”

I’ve asked on my social media accounts (twitter and G+, really) a few times for podcast suggestions, but very few came in. Perhaps you have some suggestions?

cover170x170Here’s what I’ve got in my podcast app: Shut Up & Sit Down, The SnakesCast (From Snakes & Lattes), 99% Invisible, and RadioLab. Things I’ve liked in the past, all now over: Out of Character (Pulp Gamer/Seelie Studios), The Sons of Kryos, The Durham 3, and Hudson & Gaines. I’ve also given Welcome to Nightvale and Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff a whirl (even though I’m meh on the Cthulhu Mythos).

Commonalities in the things I like: Well-edited, directed/guided discussions with co-hosts or a main host and guests. Or, in the case of 99% Invisible, Serial, and RadioLab: hosts that tell stories. Check out the TEDx Talk with Roman Mars below that shows how he integrates his hosting with pre-recorded bits.

What I have now, gaming-wise, are podcasts that feature boardgames. No RPG stuff. ((I have a few episodes of The RPG Academy downloaded, but those are the Roll20 episodes to get a better understanding of that gaming platform.))

What do you recommend?

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