I don’t have a favorite RPG website or blog, mainly because I don’t regularly read RPG websites or blogs.

lacunacoverI had a whole thing written about why, which I can sum up with “hyperfocused on games I don’t play”, and a bit about forums that I don’t read any more, but it wound up turning a bit negative as I wrote about toxicity and the whole bullshit ban RPGnet gave Jared Sorensen. (To summarize: He had a marketing campaign for Lacuna, which would be released on April Fools Day. While he never posted about it on RPGnet, other people posted wondering what was going on; he responds saying he can’t talk about it. Entire viral media campaign revealed to be an April Fools Day joke; pissed off RPGnet mods that fell for the joke ban him for…what, exactly? Pulling a prank somewhere that wasn’t RPGnet? Not explaining to the RPGnet mods and admins that a weeks-long buildup to an April Fools Day joke he was doing somewhere else entirely and had nothing to do with RPGnet at all was a joke? Getting fooled? Either way, it turned into a permaban later.)

So, let’s just leave it with this: I don’t regularly read any RPG websites or blogs.

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