Serendipity is good fortune in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries. Like my friend suggesting we all go to The Tucson Festival of Books just as I’m preparing for a networking conference with a goal to work with book layout. The timing on this, and all the other little things one needs to do when starting a business, is falling together perfectly.

This coming weekend is The Tucson Festival of Books, a major event in the book industry. This event is huge. Authors like Terry Brooks, Timothy Zahn, Elmore Leonard, Jeff Mariotte, Alice Hoffman, Michael McGarrity, J. A. Jance, and more will be in attendance. Last year, the first year of the festival, saw 450 featured authors and presenters with about 50,000 people attending. Their inaugural event was such a huge success, it wound up taking the sixth spot on the Top 10 Book Festivals of 2009, with more authors than any other book festival in the nation. If you love books—reading or writing—you’ve got to come to this event!

I love books and want to spend too much time (and money!) at the event, but I’m really looking at this as an opportunity to find work. Luckily, this event occurs a week before GTS, the GAMA Trade Show, where I’ll really be looking to make connections in the hobby games world. The causal nature of The Tucson Festival of Books should make for a relaxing atmosphere to work on presenting myself and get the short business introduction thing down. In addition to this event occurring just before the big business networking event I’ve been gearing for, the good timing just keeps on coming. My business cards arrive on Thursday and the official launch of this website is the next day.


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  • Wendy

    Hey Thomas-
    I’ll be at the Festival, at the Editorial Freelancer’s Association booth, Sunday evening. Starting at 4pm, breaking down at 5:45. If you’re around that late, stop by and say hi.


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