#RPGaDAY 2017, Day 2: A Game I’d Like to See Published

Today on #RPGaDAY: “What is an RPG you would like to see published?”

Probably one based off of Mass Effect.

Nicole Linross of Green Ronin, the company that publishes a roleplaying game based on Bioware’s other big IP, Dragon Age, said that they have been in talks with the Mass Effect team and Bioware’s licensing team over the years, but to no avail. The sticking point comes from the Mass Effect team, it seems. “The most recent time we dusted off our [Mass Effect RPG] proposal for them,” she writes, “licensing asked US why we ‘didn’t want’ to do the game and when we told them we’d be more than happy to do it, they merrily went off to the ME team who wasted no time in telling licensing they were *still* not interested.” This is a good company who has been working with the owners of Dragon Age (which has had its share of problems with approval turnaround times), so they know Green Ronin delivers fantastic good-quality work. But the Mass Effect people are just “not interested in taking Mass Effect to tabletop, it’s as simple as that.”

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#RPGaDAY 2016, Day 2: Food and Games

A few weeks ago, Tracy asked about food and gaming: “Do you eat with your tabletop #rpg group? Are meals an important part of the game [event] or incidental?”

Back in time to the days of that great Shadowrun 2nd Edition campaign, ((The one where we seamlessly fit The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr  into the game universe.)) we had (mostly) couples attend the game session. In the main group was Bill and Christy, married; Landon and Shannon, married; Tamara and I, dating. I don’t recall who it was that came up with the suggestion we cook for each other, but whomever did changed things. No pizza or burgers here. We’d alternate, bringing food for everyone. Even though we were on a college (and post-college) student’s budget, we’d cook for the group. We’d share meals. It helped to make the gaming event a social occasion among friends instead of a thing were we just showed up to game, then left.

It’s also where I really impressed my soon-to-be-fiancee with Chicken Kiev.

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