Current Work: Posthuman Pathways RPG


Client: Genesis of Legend Publishing

Project Scope: Graphic design, layout.

Project Description: A series of accordion-fold and gate-fold pamphlets that make up the physical play components of a transhuman roleplaying game.

The Posthuman Pathways project consists of five legal-sized pamphlets that are used to play the game. The above graphic is pamphlet one: The Long Road. The obverse has an introduction to the game. This side has The Timeline, where players place cards and notes during the three eras of the game: human, transhuman, and posthuman. Unlike the other four gate-fold pamphlets, this is the only accordion-fold pamphlet in the game and will be laid flat when playing.

On this project, the basic organization of information was detailed by the game designer. My first task was to take Jason’s document and come up with different type treatments for the project. After two rounds of treatments, we had a good black and white layout mock-up prepared. Subsequent milestones included creating a background for all five pamphlets and a timeline graphic. The basic backgrounds involved geometric patterns (and a pseudo-algorithmic scale “timeline”) over a heavily modified corroded metal graphic to give a sense of space. The timeline graphic repeated some of these geometric patterns in a rising motion, which begin to clean the background, expressing the unknown future and how it emerges in gameplay.


Current Work: Firefly RPG Layout

Current Work: Firefly RPG Layout


Client: Margaret Weis Productions

Project Scope: Book layout, layout assistance.

Project Description: A series of PDF and print books for roleplaying in the setting of the Firefly television series.

The Firefly Roleplaying Game project comprises two lines: the game core books and the Echoes of War series of adventures. The core books include the Gen Con (2013) Exclusive, the forthcoming Core Book (Spring 2014), and other elements. The Echoes of War line consists of twelve different adventures, a character and ship book, and some repackaging of material (for instance, the basic rules appear in all Echoes of War books).

On this project, I began work from the layout document created by Daniel Solis for the Gen Con Exclusive book. Here, I have taken that book’s layout and reverse engineered a template for use through the entire series. There is a lot of stuff with the new template: column spanning styles, sidebar specifications, and standardizing the statblocks/character pages. After Daniel does a first pass of layout with my template, the files are passed to me where I make copy edits, realign graphics, and adjust layout elements for consistency throughout the product. From that point on, I work on additional edits and changes to the document.