Choosing Typefaces for Layout

When starting on a new book project, one of the first things I think of are the typefaces for the interior. How to choose what to use to convey the information to the reader? How heavy should the type look in a character, line, paragraph, and on the page as a whole?

I see four major areas for copy treatment when it comes to roleplaying games: the body copy, the headings, the sidebars, and the tables. Depending on the game, there may be statblocks that need to be detailed, but for the most part a treatment that incorporates the sidebar and table styles are a good starting point for these. I do not consider statblocks as high in the hierarchy of design elements as tables or sidebars are.

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What’s a Denagh?

One of the most difficult challenges to overcome when creating a new business identity in 2010 is all the good domain names were taken at least a decade ago. When looking for a business name for my freelancing graphic design and game development ventures, my primary concern was that the corresponding .com domain name was available. In the name, I wanted either the word design or studio (or studios), as both words have a similar connotation—a place where creative work is done.

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