#RPGaDAY2015, Day 23: The Perfect Game

So, Day 23 is Perfect Game for Me on #RPGaDAY2015. I've been paying attention as I've been writing, and common themes come up: Player investment and ownership in what happens at the table, outside of just reacting to the setting and story. A fast-playing system for what goes on under the hood. Something interesting to interact with but not so elaborate that it detracts from the story formed at the game table. A game system that informs the game's players ((Remember that the GM -- or whatever term you use for that facilitator role -- is also playing the game.)) what the game is designed for. A low prep time for the game's facilitator. Three games instantly spring to mind: Inspectres, Lady Blackbird, and Primetime Adventures. InSpectres really shines with the Confessional bit ((Although the "once per game" or whatever limitation the Confessional Scenes has in the game is fun-limiting. Just go to Confessional whenever the players want.)) where characters reveal that the game is a reality...
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#RPGaDAY2015, Day 7: Favorite Free RPG

Today, on #RPGaDAY, our writing prompt is Favorite Free RPG. It's still Lady Blackbird. I didn't even need to think longer than a few seconds about that one. Well, see you tomorrow. Oh, wait. That's not 500 words. What I like about Lady Blackbird isn't one specific thing. There's a lot of great moments in those few pages of game material: The opening. You've got a situation that throws the protagonists into peril, reading like a Republic Movies serial opening as it scrawls up the screen. It's a wonderful technique and a throwback to the film serials that, due to being short movies that were designed to bring people back to the theater week after week, heavily imply near non-stop action and cliffhangers. ((It's not a coincidence that George Lucas used the same technique in Star Wars back in 1976, followed by one of the most memorable openings to a movie. Go back and watch Star Wars and see how long it is until the...
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