#RPGaDAY 2017, Day 6: Constant Gaming

The #RPGaDAY prompt for today -- er, yesterday -- is "You can game every day for a week. Describe what you'd do!" Nah. That's not as interesting as how I initially misread the topic: "You can game every day in a week!" Let's answer that question. The base assumption is I get to play roleplaying games every single day! We'll just pretend there's some magic time thing that happened that lets me get my work done and I still get time to have fun with the family. And I have time to do GM prep... So let's see. Continue reading “#RPGaDAY 2017, Day 6: Constant Gaming” »...
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#RPGaDAY2015, Day 28: Favorite Game You No Longer Play

Today's topic is one I've been waiting for when I looked over the list of writing prompts. Subject? Favorite game you no longer play. Let me tell you about The Armitage Files. The Armitage Files is a campaign for Trail of Cthulhu, a game about H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos where investigators go out, save the world, and go insane. I love this game campaign, even though I don't like Lovecraft's stories. As a geek in my twenties, I thought I should love the Mythos -- it's something that just seems to speak to gamers -- but it never took. I've always thought the writings were dull and ponderous as the narrator constantly explains how he will tell you all about this horrific thing that's just on the next page, like an overwritten The Monster At The End Of This Book. There's just something about Lovecraft that doesn't resonate with me. So no, I'm mistaken: I don't dislike Lovecraft. The feeling I...
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#RPGaDAY, Last Year: Day 14 – Favorite Convention Purchase

Everybody was at Gen Con this time last year, so for those of us staying at home, participating in #RPGaDAY, the next few days were all about conventions. I haven't been to a convention since the writing event last year, so my answer to today's topic last year, "What's your favorite convention purchase?" hasn't changed. Here's what I wrote last year: Today’s #RPGaDAY topic is “Everyone is at Gen Con except you, so what’s your favorite convention purchase and can I get some more salt for your wound?” Gee, thanks. We’re probably talking RPG-related purchases here, so that’s really going to limit my choices. Most of the time when I have a purchase at gaming convention, it’s a boardgame of some type. RPG-wise, the only contenders I can think of are the Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Beta or The Armitage Files for Trail of Cthulhu. AoR was a Beta game and I haven’t played it and I have the full release;...
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