The #RPGaDAY prompt for today — er, yesterday — is “You can game every day for a week. Describe what you’d do!”

Nah. That’s not as interesting as how I initially misread the topic: “You can game every day in a week!” Let’s answer that question.

The base assumption is I get to play roleplaying games every single day! We’ll just pretend there’s some magic time thing that happened that lets me get my work done and I still get time to have fun with the family. And I have time to do GM prep…

So let’s see.

I’d have one day a week dedicated to completing The Armitage Files, the really awesome Trail of Cthulhu campaign that is my favorite published campaign — and I don’t really care for Cthulhu. Here, I’d run the game, because it’s so much fun. I’d run this with my old face to face game group. Let’s call that the Sunday game.

Monday I’m running The Sprawl for my old Shadowrun gamers. I’m also saying we’ve got the Touched setting to really Shadowrun up the game.

Tuesday, I’m playing in an Apocalypse World game. I finally had a chance to play the game at NewMexiCon and I loved my hardholder, Hilton. ((You get the name “Hilton” when you kill the previous one. My Hilton — she was not a good person. Not at all.)) I wouldn’t mind getting that group back together to see what comes next.

Wednesday, it’s a family game: me and the girls. We’d probably run Masks, because we’re all fans of superheroes, and we’re all fans of Young Justice, and we’ve got a wide age range. I’m probably running this one.

Thursday is probably going to be what we did back in Arizona each month: an open game day where we could go and play oneshots. That’s where we were able to play with new people, learn and try out new games. I might run things. I might play.

Friday, we’re doing Primetime Adventures. I don’t care what show it was, I’ve always had a blast running the game. I don’t even care with whom. Perhaps something in the Zurvivors setting?

And Saturday’s game? I’m not sure. But it’ll be awesome.

Previously, on #RPGaDAY…

Last year, I wrote about what I was missing at Gen Con, but realy what our This Just In…from Gen Con would have been like. I’m still a bit upset about how that whole thing didn’t happen. Anyway.

In 2015, the topic was “Most recent RPG played?” That’s still D&D. It’s still Princes of the Apocalypse. Last year, I wrote that it was “so easy to accidentally venture into an area that’s way too difficult for the heroes to tackle”, which is a bit of a laugh now that they’re all level 9 and wiping the floor with CR 13 monsters. I know it’s not because they have cool magic weapons (they don’t, really) but it’s because they play with tactics and character builds that aren’t min-maxed yet still manage to grind my villains into fine powder in three combat rounds or less.

I still wish the game would go through fight sequences a lot faster. Even those three rounds of death-dealing seem to take a long time to get through.

In 2014, the topic was “What’s your favorite RPG you never get to play?” The answer is the same as last year: either Apocalypse World (which I’ve ran a handful of sessions and only played once) or The Sprawl (which I’ve played once, but doubt the current crew would be interested in).

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