It’s the third year of #RPGaDAY, a thing where there’s a roleplaying game-based question a day that’s there for people who enjoy those games to share their thoughts and memories about the hobby. I did the first year on my Google+ account and last year I joined in the fun here at ((and revisiting my first year’s questions)). But I had a secret goal. I would have a good thirty minutes of writing time and use RPGaDAY to revitalize my blog. Also, the event would help to get me back into creative writing.

I had a total of two blog posts since then. ((I’d link to them, but you can just use the previous post button right there.))


Again, I disliked the color chosen for this year's graphic, so I shifted it.

But that’s my goal again this year: go through the event and get in a habit of writing a bit each day.

However, I’m really not wild about some of the questions in this year’s RPGaDAY event. To me very few of this year’s questions inspire me or make me feel like I want to write at least 500 words on the topic. Today is all about what type of dice I like to roll, which doesn’t seem to be much of a conversation starter. Only nine of the thirty-one seem like topics I’d like to explore. ((Plus, at least one seems to be a repeated question from years prior.))

So I’m planning on stealing from Tracy Barnett‘s (usually) daily RPG question posted on Twitter. They post a question early in the day and I catch it about half the time. I’ll also be adding in my own questions along the way, such as this entry. As I write this, my list of questions is twenty-six long, but I’m certain I’ll come up with those missing five by the time we hit the end of the month.

One year ago: What is the forthcoming game you’re most looking forward to?

Last year, I said I was looking forward to the Sentinels Comics RPG, which is still undergoing playtesting ((If you’re attending Gen Con 2016, there should be some slots available!)). The whole family enjoys the Sentinels of the Multiverse card game and we’re still shopping around for a good heroic roleplaying game for the family. ((We played ICONS a while back, but haven’t gotten back to it. I’d like to see what Sentinels does and how well our 10-year-old will grab onto it.)) I still am looking forward to it, but there’s not much RPG-wise on the immediate horizon that’s grabbing me.

Will Hindmarch’s Project: Dark, maybe, but I’m kind of burnt out on games about criminals doing criminal things. Too much Shadowrun.

Two years ago: What was the first RPG you played?

The three initial prompts in RPGaDAY won’t change: first RPG played, GMed, and purchased. Played and GMed: the Holmes Dungeons & Dragons boxed set. I remember it came with chits you could draw from a coffee cup in case you couldn’t find actual polyhedral dice. (I had dice, and still have some from that set.)

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